1) You Can Catch the Flu From the Vaccination The flu vaccination is actually created from an inactive virus that simply cannot transmit infection. It takes a week or two for the flu shot to begin working, so people often mistakenly assume that a flu caught in the interim is from the shot, when in fact it’s just chance. 2) You Don’t Need a Flu Shot Every Year With each changing year, strains of the flu change a little bit as well. Because of that, the flu shot is reformulated each year. Getting a flu shot annually will ensure that you are ready to battle this year’s specific strains of the flu virus. 3) You Only Need the Flu Vaccination Although getting your flu shot is the single best way to prevent against the flu virus, your preventive care should go beyond just the vaccination. Avoiding germs, staying away from people who have the flu when possible, and washing your hands regularly are all great ways to fight the odds of falling ill. If you want to learn more about the flu and other illnesses, AFC Urgent Care / Family Care is the place for you!]]>