Goodbye, Cough At the first sign of a cough, start managing the symptom with these at-home treatments. As in all times of sickness, be sure to stay hydrated! Water should be your first choice when choosing what beverage to drink in order to stay hydrated. However, if you grow sick of water or want something different every once in a while, stay away from soda and other sugary drinks. Instead, try warm tea with honey, which can also help soothe a sore throat. Taking a steamy shower can help to loosen the mucus that’s often the source of a cough. If you’ve already taken a shower for the day, try running the hot water to cause the bathroom to steam and sitting in there for a while to help alleviate your cough. In addition, use a humidifier at night to help ease your cough so that you can obtain a good night’s sleep. Be sure to watch out for certain irritants in the air, such as smoke, perfumes, etc. These can agitate your cough and make it worse—and you definitely don’t want that! As a result, it’s best to avoid these irritants as best you can. Had enough of all your coughing? Visit our urgent care center today in order to help get to the source of your cough—and get you back to living your life cough-free!]]>