1) The Weather Impacts Your Cold Because we call the common cold by the same name as a temperature description, it’s widely believed that the two have an unavoidable correlation. In fact, this simply is not true, as you’re more likely to catch a cold indoors anyway. And summer colds often feel worse than the winter versions! 2) Sugar Causes Bad Behavior Excess sugar is bad for us all for a litany of reasons, but it won’t actually cause kids to act out or to lose focus. The common belief that sugar leads to bad behavior simply leads parents to pay more attention after the sugar intake, creating a confirmation bias. 3) Popping Knuckles Causes Arthritis Do you pop your joints from time to time? Turns out, you’re not alone. Although the popping noise from the crack can be bothersome, there’s no real health risk, unless you feel a sharp pain regularly. If that’s the case, make sure to see a doctor. Want to learn more about the world of health and wellness? Visit AFC Urgent Care / Family Care today!]]>