1) Make It Fun Do you have a toddler? If so, you’re probably accustomed to trying to get them to eat foods that they don’t particularly enjoy. The same goes with the foods that they actually should be eating. Making the experience seem like a positive one overall will go a long way towards teaching them to enjoy their fruits and veggies. 2) Eat Well Yourself “Do as I say, not as I do” is ultimately a very lackluster approach towards teaching your children a healthy lifestyle. If you want them to be consuming the proper amount of nutrients, make sure that you lead the way by eating fruits and veggies, having a vitamin-rich diet, and drinking plenty of water. 3) Slow and Steady Do you want to convert your child from an ice-cream-only diet to a diet that a doctor might be able to look at and not pass out, then take the slow road. Instead of yanking all sugar overnight, work one day at a time towards implementing healthier options into their current comfort foods.]]>