1) Breakfast Ditch the breakfast burrito or smothered hash browns and select a healthier option. Consider something that is classic and tried, such as eggs or whole grain cereal—and you will have started your day on the right foot. 2) Lunch Lunch is a pivotal meal for the day, even if just because it holds the rest of your day together. Eating a filling meal is important, so that you don’t drift into tiredness in the afternoon. Choosing a meal consisting of grains, meat, and protein is a sure-fire way to make sure you stay motivated and working for the afternoon. 3) Dinner The trick to dinner is making sure that you end your day in a way that is equally healthy, but also equally filling and enjoyable, so that you don’t find yourself dipping into the pantry for a midnight snack. Eating protein and avoiding empty carbs are great ways to ensure a well-balanced diet.]]>