Eat Right to Feel Better While that juicy cheeseburger might taste good, who really enjoys the aftermath of indigestion? What if the food you eat could taste good, while also being good for you? Well, start taking notes—because it can! When fixing your plate during a meal, make it as colorful as possible. Run to the produce section of the grocery store, and grab some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Then, when it’s time for dinner, fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, including a full range of colorful foods, like broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. In addition to adding these colorful, healthy foods into your diet, try to cut back on the number of processed foods in your diet, including frozen meals, cured meats such as bacon, and foods such as ramen noodles. Our community is fortunate to have the Chattanooga Market, which opens at the end of April, to offer participants the opportunity to purchase fresh produce from local farmers. Mark your calendars today for opening weekend April 29–30! Lactose intolerant? Vitamin D deficiency? Diabetes? If you feel you’re suffering from a deficiency or dietary-related illness, visit AFC Urgent Care Chattanooga to see if there is an underlying condition before starting any new nutrition routine.]]>