1) Wear and tear Even if no major injuries occur, regular football participation often goes beyond the scope of a normal exercise regimen. If your child is planning on playing, step in and ensure that he’s properly rested, hydrated and looked after during practices. 2) Major injuries Football can produce a wide range of significant injuries, from sprained ankles to ACL tears. Although these injuries can be reduced with proper safety equipment and training, there’s no guarantee of health for players in a game. Concussions are at the forefront these days, so pay special attention to the helmet provided for your son—and seek medical attention if a head injury occurs. And now the health benefits… If proper care is taken, football can help regulate a child’s weight, increase the amount of time spent outside, help regulate blood pressure, stimulate the brain through exercise, and encourage healthy eating choices and rigorous hydration. Want to learn more about the health advantages of sports, as well as what precautions should be followed? Visit AFC Urgent Care / Family Care today!]]>